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News 22.03.2020

News 22.03.2020

Due to the current health pandemic spreading across the nation, A decision by the club’s executive team has been made to temporarily cease public operations and restrict access to the club rooms. This means that all upcoming general business meetings, Saturday gatherings and project days are currently on hold until further notice. This decision has not been taken lightly, however, this is in line with numerous other Amateur Radio clubs across Australia taking similar action including the cancellation of Amateur Radio associated events such as the WIA AGM in Tasmania and Gippstech in Victoria and the club gives their support to those impacted by these closures.

All other lines of communications such as phone, email, radio and mind control are still open as normal and club admin duties will continue, at least for now the disease cannot be transmitted over radio or ethernet.

On the bright side this is a good time to be an amateur radio operator and we expect to see the bands a bit busier with more people staying home.

The Club is still seeking expression of interest for an MMDVM build day. Whilst the club may be closed for the moment, the club can still work on ordering the applicable parts. The estimated cost including a Raspberry Pi computer is approximately $150 AUD which at current exchange rates is about 4 rolls of 3 ply toilet paper. Club members and guests who may be interested in taking part are encouraged to contact our projects coordinator Tom via email at projects@ccarc.org.au. Expressions of interest close on the 31st March.

Unfortunately, the planned Foundation Training & Assessments Day this weekend had been cancelled due to the current situation.

These dates are postponed until further notice.

If you are interested in obtaining or upgrading your current licence, please reach out to Karen our Education Coordinator at education@ccarc.org.au

Did you attend the 2020 Wyong Field Day? The club would love to see some of your photos taken to add to our collection. Please reach out to us at ccarc@ccarc.org.au.

The club’s Thursday evening net hot topic for this week was “Building an effective dipole antenna and “what is your latest project kit.” Bob VK2AOR described his new toy of a Spectrum Analyser that was built recently on a project day with the Blue Mountains ARC. Do you have a suggestion for the clubs next weekly net topic or a burning question? Feel free to leave a comment on the club’s page or reach out to the club via email.

Remember, you can view the live stream from Facebook, Watch later on the clubs YouTube channel or join in via Echo link using the *CCARCNSW* conference server.

You can find out more about the CCARC on the web at ccarc.org.au.


Vice-President, Central Coast Amateur Radio Club.

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