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NEWS 26.02.2023

NEWS 26.02.2023

Central Coast Amateur Radio Club News – February 26, 2023

The club rooms at Kariong are open on Saturdays from 10am. Next Saturday will be the monthly business
meeting, starting at 1pm. Information will be distributed to members by email during the week. There will
also be an antenna workshop on March 18. As always, members and visitors are most welcome.
Mayham for 2023 has been postponed and will not be run. The committee are refocusing and realigning the direction of the event and hope to return in 2024.
Yesterday the club held it’s regular “Show and Tell”, with this month’s theme of “Your favourite collection”.
Collections on display included kerosene powered lanterns and blow-torches, a number of different Phillips radios, a function generator, a spectrum analyser, and various antennas to go with an IC-705. There was also discussion on the repeater controller and building cavities.
It’s time! On Wednesday, March 1, entries open for the third Christmas Ham event. On offer are a Rigexpert AA-1500 Antenna Analyser and a DX Commander Classic 80-10m Vertical Antenna kit. Entries close at midday on March 24. Check out our web page or social media for more detail.
At the VK2RAG Somersby repeater site, the D-Star, Rad-Net DMR and 2m Echolink services are fully
functional. Brand Meister DMR and 70cm Echolink and IRLP are still on the sick list.
In an effort to reduce “ker-chunking”; the 146.725 repeater has been modified to require a key-up delay,
meaning that you’ll need to to hold the PTT button down for half a second to key it. The repeater committee are monitoring the effect of the change.
The club Web SDR at Somersby. Websdr.ccarc.org.au is configured to listen on 6 metres, 2 metres, 70
centimetres and 23 centimetres.
The Morning Tea Net is run on weekdays at 10:00am and the Weekly net on Thursday at 8:00pm.
Both nets are run on on the VK2RAG repeater – 146.725MHz with a 91.5Hz sub-audible tone, and on the
CCARCNSW and HAM Echolink conferences.
The Thursday evening net is also live video-streamed on the club’s facebook page.
You can find out more about the CCARC, our upcoming social events and other details that we can’t tell you about here on the web at ccarc.org.au, by phone on 02 4340 2500, or on social media by searching for “Central Coast Amateur Radio Club”. Remember to give the club a “like” to follow for any updates.

73, Alan VK2MG
Publicity Officer, Central Coast Amateur Radio Club.

Summary of Nets
VK2RAG 146.725 with 91.5Hz tone and echolink through the CCARCNSW and HAM Conferences
• The Morning Tea Net is held Monday to Friday at 10am.
• The Weekly Net is held on Thursday at 8:00pm

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