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News 27.06.2021

News 27.06.2021

Subject to Government health orders, the Clubs next scheduled general business meeting will be held on Saturday the 3rd of July at 13:00.
Steve (VK2SKC) the clubs resident chef will be sizzling up the sausages on the BBQ from 1200 noon, and club doors will open from 1030hrs.
Please note that with the current and ever-changing situations, the operations and availability of the club rooms may change at short notice.

The club will be holding its Annual General Meeting in August with the date to be confirmed at the next business meeting. Stay tuned for updates.
The Clubs repeater committee have been working in the background to restore the D-Star stack and expect it to be online within the next 2 weeks.
A survey was recently sent out to members regarding the current digital repeater availability and feature set. If you have received this message, it would be appreciated if you could take the time to complete the form and submit it.
The next scheduled Slow Scan Television net on Friday the 2nd of July at 7:30 PM on the 147.125 MHz 2 Meter WICEN Repeater. The net is running primarily in Scottie 2 mode, however, may be changed on the night. Adrian VK2ABS thank those who have participated in the net.
If you have any feedback regarding this net, please reach out to the club directly with suggestions or feedback at ccarc@ccarc.org.au,

Bob VK2AOR and Dave VK2KFU continue with the clubs Morning Tea net every day. Whilst some check ins are starting to lighten up with many returning to their workplace, the boys continue to push through. A huge thanks go out to Bob and Dave for running these nets, it sure brightens up everyone’s day.
Both nets are held on the VK2RAG 2 Metre repeater, 146.725Mhz with a 91.5hz sub audible tone.

Unfortunately, Due to corruption of the file system and an SD card deciding it no longer wished to remain in one piece, The Echolink system is offline and we hope to have this returned soon.

The club looking for more operators to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the RAAF in August. This is a great opportunity to get out on the bands and share in celebrating this momentous occasion portable or otherwise. If club members are interested in participating, please reach out to the club directly.

You can find out more about the CCARC on the web at www.ccarc.org.au; or Search for Central Coast Amateur Radio Club on social media platforms to find us. Remember to give the club a “like” to follow for any updates.

Vice-President & Publicity, Central Coast Amateur Radio Club.

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