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Projects Group

The club has an active construction group. Everything from simple antennas to full SDR transceivers and many self designed or packaged kits in between.

Listed on this page are a few pictures of what was on show at each of the “Show & Tell) meetings.

We start with the November 2012 Projects “show & tell” evening:

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Projects shown include:

  • QRP rigs for 80.40 & 20m.(the 20m one operating SSTV using an Android phone)
  • G59 SDR and amplifier
  • Valve linear amplifier & PSU
  • Switchable balun
  • Semiconductor linear amp kit and 4x12V PSUs to give required 48V
  • 40m full wavelength loop antenna with Q section
  • The clubs new ICOM IC-7200 rig
  • Remote & in-shack SWR bridges and antenna analysers
  • General pictures of members in discussion

 Friday 4th. January 2013 – Show & Tell meeting.

Subjects / projects covered:

Frequency counter shoot out –  the majority of the frequency counter kits were built and working, we tested them against each other and there were only minor differences between the units.

What can you use an antenna analyser for apart from finding the resonant frequency of an antenna? A look at the RigExpert AA-30 Antenna Analyser.

And – Graham VK2FDWC displayed his self built loudspeaker cabinet – amazing polished cabinet and great sound.

June 7th. Project group show and tell meeting:

There has been a gap since the last “official” show & Tell but that doesn’t mean that the Project group has been inactive – FAR FROM IT. Several project meeting have had different kits and construction projects demonstrated but I thought it was time for another formal show & tell meeting and advertised this to all club members …. Despite that  I was disappointed with the turnout considering members had prepared their projects for display and traveled to the club rooms, some from a reasonable distance.

It was an interesting evening, starting with the continuing saga of my solid state linear amplifier repair and transistor issues.

Jim VK2LC, gave a lecture on the switching and sequencing logic that he had to design and install into his 23cm amplifier to make sure that relays are not switched “live”. Jim also brought the amplifier, his 23cm HT that he uses to drive it, a 23cm power/SWR bridge and dummy load and demonstrated the unit in operation.

Col VK2ZCO, displayed his new two tone oscillator and explained what it is used for in tuning SSB transceivers and the pitfalls to watch out for when choosing frequencies for the two tones.

Here’s a few photos of the evening.

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At the end of the meeting, discussions took place on what should be built next and there is interest into looking at constructing small antennas for QRP portable operation.


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