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QRPGuys KD1JV CW code trainer build

QRPGuys KD1JV CW code trainer build

Following on from the 1940’s straight key refurbishment, it was time to finally build up the small code trainer I have had sitting in my drawer for over 12 months.

This little unit is great to practice both sending and receiving CW.

The speed is variable from 5 wpm upwards if you can keep up and accepts both straight keys & paddles which auto detects what you have plugged in.

The receive function sends random five-character mixed letter, number, and punctuation code groups.

The send function works as a normal code practice oscillator, but accepts either a straight key, bug, or paddle. A single lever paddle or Iambic B can be used. Paddle speed is adjustable from 5-30 wpm.

As from the previous post where the local Air League were interested in learning CW it was the perfect time to build.

Along with the Board, I picked up a small paddle and straight key from eBay for a reasonable price and 3D printed a case for it to keep it protected

It is small, compact and will assist with my own learning and others as time goes by.

For the small price point, they are a great unit and well made.

It would be nice to have the tone adjustable and it is observed that the LED light is not particularly bright but that may be a faulty diode. Will need to check on that one at a later date.

Quite simple to construct and would takes about 20mins to put together and would highly recommend.

You can get yours at https://qrpguys.com/qrpguys-code-trainer



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