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News 25.07.2021

Due to current public health orders, the clubrooms are currently closed until further notice.The clubs executive team continue to monitor the ongoing public health situation are hopeful the doors can reopen again next weekend. The club will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday the 21st of August at 1:00 PM. The current executive…
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News 20.06.2021

The Clubs next general business meeting will be held on Saturday the 3rd of July at 13:00.Steve (VK2SKC) our resident chef will be banging out bangers on the BBQ from 1200 noon, and club doors will open from 1030hrs. The clubs committee continues to review responses to the recent Mayham event survey and has received…
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News 02.05.2021

The Central Coast Amateur Radio Club “Mayham” event is now only a month away at Wyong Race Course with the annual event raffle prizes to be announced shortly.As an added bonus the club will be hosting both a Pedestrian and mobile fox hunt on Saturday the 29th of May as well as an informal dinner…
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News 27.12.2020

Well, that’s a wrap for 2020, On behalf of all the members of the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club, The clubs executive team would like to wish everybody a safe and happy festive season The team would like to acknowledge all seen & unseen club members whose efforts this year have kept the club afloat…
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Smoke Signals

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News 02.08.2020

With upcoming activities and additional restrictions in place, unfortunately the club will be unable to run as multi operator, single station for the upcoming Remembrance Day contest. The club’s executive team is considering a similar approach to ARNSW for dedicated HF operating nights, but placing the emphasis on those who are just coming into the…
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News 03.05.2020

Despite some travel and visitation restrictions being eased in New South Wales, access to the club rooms are closed and all future face to face activities are still on hold until further notice. The club’s executive team wish to advice club members will be receiving communication shortly regarding a business meeting to be held online…
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News 05.04.2020

Due to the current health pandemic spreading across the nation and advice received by the Crown lands department, access to the club rooms are closed and all future face to face activities are on hold until further notice. The clubs executive team are currently working on a solution for alternate means to host business meetings.…
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News 16.02.2020

The Club is currently all about Fox Hunts and Field days. Fox hunts are making a return to the weekend by popular demand, with the club hosting both a 2 mobile and a pedestrian hunt, on Saturday the 22nd February, starting from the race course at 12:45 PM. The Fox Frequency will be advised on…
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News 19.01.2020

News from the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club 19th January 2019 The CCARC has field day fever with preparations well underway for Sunday the 23rd Sunday. Also, back by popular demand, the CCARC are happy to announce we will be hosting not 1 but 2 Fox Hunts on Saturday the 22nd February starting from the…
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