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NEWS 19.03.2023

Central Coast Amateur Radio Club News – March 19, 2023 The club rooms at Kariong are open on Saturdays from 10am. As always, members and visitors are mostwelcome.The CCARC held their antenna workshop yesterday to clean and re-fit their tri-band beam antenna.The club rooms were full of willing participants who were offered pizza in exchange…
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Kenwood power/SWR meter Model SW-200

This meter has facilities to connect up to 3 remote mounted sensor elements and plug into 5 pin DIN connectors on the rear.  The Module I have is an SWC-2 with a frequency range of 140 – 450 Mhz.   It can be used without 12 volts connected and this limits the device to reading average…
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Bird  “43”  Thruline Watt Meter  Plug-in Elements determine the power and Frequency

The meter is at the top and has 3 scales. they are not linear but are expanded on the left and compressed to the right.  the scales are 0-30 watts, 0-50 Watts and 0-100 watts.  The element determines the multiplier of the scale.  The base unit I purchased from a re-seller at ARNSW trash and…
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