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*** VK2RAG 6 Metre repeater installation at Somersby ***

*** VK2RAG 6 Metre repeater installation at Somersby ***

Yes folks the time has really arrived and the CCARC new 6m repeater is about to go “on-air” !
The hard work from Don VK2ZCZ, Bob VK2ZAR and many others is at last about to be rewarded with, what promises to be the clubs longest range repeater, linking the Central Coast to other neighbouring areas in normal conditions and most likely to other countries when the “Magic Band” opens up.

Testing on-site is in progress with the controller to be installed and connected up tomorrow (Friday 30th. of March) and all being well, she should go “live” on Saturday. It’s hoped as many club members as possible will get up to Somersby on Saturday to witness this historic event.

Here are some photos, the radio equipment (and Bob) is dwarfed by the 6m cavity filters which are essential to get the best performance out of the system. As usual the quality of manufacture is first rate and hopefully this new set-up should run for many years to come.

Philips and Midland radio equipment

Bob VK2ZAR tuning the cavities

As you can see the 6m cavities are LARGE!

Want to operate through the new VK2RAG 6 meter repeater when it goes live? Who will be the first contact? Who will be the furthest contact in the first week?

Here’s what you need to know to access the new repeater:

You receive on 53.725 MHz and transmit 1 MHz lower in frequency on 52.725 MHz with a  CTCSS tone of 91.5 Hz.

(linked access through one of our 70cm repeaters to follow(standard/advanced licencees only)).

A HEARTY THANKS to Don, Bob and all of the crew who have made this possible and –

C  U  on  VK2RAG – 6 metres very soon !!

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