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With it being the 31st of December there was a project that I set a goal to be cleared and completed by the end of the year.

After many emails and discussions back and forth between our club and the executive team at ARNSW over the past 18 months,

I am delighted to announce this project is now complete and the brand new VKDMR based repeater was installed and commissioned at the VK2RAG repeater site today.

The Clubs repeater team have been busy preparing in the background with antenna array configuration and the reallocation of spectrum to facilitate the rollout of this repeater.

ARNSW has formed a subcommittee known as the Radio Network Group with the primary purpose of establishing and operating a series of networked repeaters known as the ARNSW RadNET.

To that end ARNSW have extended material support including repeaters and other equipment to numerous local clubs for the purpose of operating a repeater service that functions as part of the ARNSW RadNET.

ARNSW RadNET DMR repeaters carry the talk groups of the VKDMR network as well as a dedicated ARNSW Talk group #1910.

It is ARNSW’s aim for the network to cover the entire East coast of NSW as well as some key inland regions.

Testing today returned one station successfully reaching the repeater from inner Sydney on 2 Watts using a handheld radio, while another was able to successfully access on the outskirts of Newcastle.

This is a fantastic achievement for the CCARC and all amateurs within who utilise DMR.

In saying that, It might be a good time to revisit your DMR Configuration files and Program in 438.850 MHz with -7.0mhz offset with VK-DMR based talk groups including Talk Group 1910.

If you need assistance in programming your DMR radio, Please reach out and we will be able to assist where we can.

For some additional information relating to VKDMR and what talk groups are available I would recommend you take a visit to https://vkdmr.com/using-dmr/

You will need to have a valid DMR ID to access this network, the Brandmeister DMR network and also the P25 Digital Network (VK2RAG site offers all 3!)

This can be found here: https://radioid.net/

You can also see what repeater services we have available at https://www.ccarc.org.au/repeaters/

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