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VK2RTG TV test transmissions

VK2RTG TV test transmissions

Victor, VK2BTV is currently sending test transmissions through our VK2RTG ATV repeater at Kariong each Monday & Tuesday night from about 7:30pm. The test material may be of interest to club members as it is educational broadcasts on the Amateur Radio hobby, from Hamnation and Amateur Radio Video News and some of the lecture nights from the club rooms. Please tune your normal household TV set to 444.250MHz (most TVs cover this frequency) and send Victor a reception report to vk2btv at dodo.com.au.

Following the test transmissions Victor will be looking for reception reports at 21:00 on the clubs 2m repeater VK2RAG – 146.725 MHz.

It is VERY important to get these reports in before we upgrade from analogue ATV to Digital Terrestrial  transmissions (the new repeater will also be able to be received on home digital TVs as the standard terrestrial digital mode is being used).

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