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24.1.27 Show & Tell Report

24.1.27 Show & Tell Report

On Saturday the 27th January CCARC held its monthly Show & Tell. We had a great roll up and spent a couple of hours sharing stories and technical information about our equipment.

The following was shown:

  • Steve VK2SKC showed his two hand-helds a DMR and Dstar.
  • Graham VK2GRA showed his vintage ceramic insulators, He also shared novel ways of using old computer keyboards e.g. repurpose into pencil holders. He then gave a mini lecture on Balun testing, what to do and what not to do. Finally, he showed his collection of Logic probes.
  • Col VK2ZCO showed his Station Master antenna which he converted from 11m to 6m and is now converting back to 10m.
  • Glenn VK2GEM showed his collection of handheld Walkie Talkies dating from the early 1970’s to the 1990’s.  One notable handheld was the realistic 23 channel from the Early 70’s. This sparked great interest as many had never seen one before.
  • Michael showed a couple of radio equipment donations that have recently been made to the club.

 The traditional “Chips and Scallop”  lunch was shared at the end to conclude the gathering.

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