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ATTENTION AMATEUR RADIO CANDIDATES                                                                                                                 Page updated 25/9/2023

The next License Assessment day for all levels will be on the 7th October, 2023 (details on the CCARC Calendar




Information on Exams, Callsign Allocation and the ACMA Licence Fee:

Exam fees are set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the AMC-AR (Australian Maritime College) is the administrator of the exams.  Brad is a volunteer Assessor  and conducts training and facilitates exams on behalf of the AMC-AR.

Exam fees and the Callsign allocation fee are paid to the AMC-AR either online or credit card, prior to the exam. https://www.amc.edu.au/industry/amateur-radio and go to ‘fees and charges’

On passing the exams required to achieve your ‘Amateur Radio Certificate of Proficiency’ (AOCP) the AMC-AR will post your certificate. 

The ACMA will then email you an invoice for your Radio Licence. Your Radio Licence must be renewed yearly (there is an option to renew every 5 years). For more information on ACMA Radio Licencing and Fees, go to  https://www.acma.gov.au/amateur-radio-licences 

Exam Costs:

Foundation Pack $94.50 (Practical Assessment included)

Standard Theory $94.50;   Advanced Theory $94.50;   Regulations $94.50, Practical Assessment Stand-alone $94.50

$26.50 or $37 for callsign allocation Level 1 or Level 2 (see AMC-AR website for details) https://www.amc.edu.au/industry/amateur-radio/callsigns 

If you do not pass an exam, then you will have to re-sit the exam, at a future date. So for example, if you do not pass the practical assessment component of the foundation pack, you would have to re-sit the practical assessment at a future date.

Examples of exam costs:

FOUNDATION – If you are sitting for an Australian Amateur Radio Foundation Licence AOCP(F) and wish to choose your own callsign:

Foundation pack is $94.50       plus 

Callsign recommendation Level 2 is $37.  

That is a total of $131.50 to be paid to the AMC-AR online or by credit card on the day of exam.  

UPGRADING FROM FOUNDATION TO STANDARD (OR ADVANCED) & CHANGING CALLSIGN (to Callsign of your choice) – If you are upgrading from Foundation to Standard (or Advanced) then you must sit both the Theory $94.50 and Regulations Exam $94.50 and the ‘Callsign Recommendation Form Level 2’ for $37.  A total of $226.00  

Due to changes to the Amateur Licencing Callsign Template, you have probably already changed your callsign from four letter to three letter suffix. If so, then you don’t need the ‘Callsign Recommendation Form’.

UPGRADING FROM STANDARD TO ADVANCED with no callsign change – If you are upgrading from Standard to Advanced, then it’s just the Advanced Theory for $94.50

The PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT is free when held in conjunction with another exam.

Cost for CCARC venue:

CCARC Members – FREE

Non-members please fill in this CCARC Membership Form and bring $20 cash or pay via Eftpos on the day. Alternatively, you can pay direct debit – details provided upon request.


23rd & 24th November, 2019

18th /19th January, 2020

22nd /23rd February, 2020 (WFD20)

22nd May, 2020 (Remote assessment)

16th August, 2020

29th /30th August, 2020 

4th September, 2020 (Remote assessment)

21st /22nd November, 2020

27th /28th March, 2021

29th /30th May, 2021 (‘MAYHAM 2021’ previously called The Wyong Field Day)

20th November, 2021

12th / 13th February, 2022

30th April 2022

1st May 2022

 17/18 June 2023