4 Dandaloo Street, Kariong NSW 2250
+61 (02) 4340 2500


VK2RAG Located at Somersby, 300m ASL
RepeaterFrequencyOffsetCTCSS ToneSpecial NotesStatus
6M VHF53.725 MHz– 1.0 MHz91.5 HzAnalogue 3 Min T/OOnline
2M VHF146.725 MHz– 0.60 MHz91.5 HzIRLP: #6060, Echolink:#7060 / VK2RAG-R, Online
    5 Min T/O 
    Conference server *ccarcnsw*  
    The *ccarcnsw*  conference server is also IRLP enabled under link 9509. 
2M VHF WICEN147.125 MHZ+ 0.60 MHZ91.5 HzAnalogue and P25, 5 Min T/OOffline
70cm UHF438.075 MHz-7.0 MHz91.5 HzIRLP + Echolink coming soon!Online
70cm UHF439.950 MHz– 5.0 MHz91.5 Hz or NAC 239Analogue & P25, Linked to TG 10400, 3 Min T/OOnline
23cm UHF1273.400 MHz+ 20.0 MHzN/AAnalogueOnline
APRS (VK2RAG-1)145.175 MHzN/AN/AAPRSOnline
D-Star (VK2RAG- C)146.6375 MHZ– 0.6 MhzN/A4 Min T/O,Online, however local access only
D-Star (VK2RAG-B)438.3250 MHz– 0.6 MhzN/A4 Min T/O,Online local access only
DMR / D-Star438.8750 Mhz– 7.0 MhzN/A3 Min T/OMMDVM linked to Brandmeister DMR
DMR438.8500 Mhz– 7.0 MhzN/A Online ARNSW RadNet in conjunction with VKDMR network
VK2RTG Located at Kariong, 200M ASL
RepeaterFrequencyOffsetCTCSS ToneSpecial NotesStatus
70CM UHF439.300 Mhz– 5.0 Mhz91.5 HzAnalouge, 3 Min T/OOnline
ATV Digital446.500 MhzN/AN/A1250 Mhz InputOnline, Please email vk2btv@ccarc.org.au for access