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Repeater Status


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VK2RAG Located at Somersby, 300m ASL
RepeaterFrequencyOffsetCTCSS ToneSpecial NotesStatus
6M VHF53.725 MHz– 1.0 MHz91.5 HzAnalogue 3 Min T/OOnline WebSDR
*Note Below
2M VHF146.725 MHz– 0.60 MHz91.5 Hz

IRLP: #6060, Echolink:#7060 / VK2RAG-R,

5 Min T/O

Conference server *ccarcnsw*  The *ccarcnsw*  conference server is also IRLP enabled under link 9509 and is utilised for Morning Tea nets at 10:00 AM and Thursday Evening Nets at 8:00 PM.

Online WebSDR
70CM UHF WICEN438.800 MHZ– 5.00 MHZ91.5 HzAnalogue, DMR and P25, 5 Min T/O Online WebSDR
2M VHF WICEN147.125 MHZ+ 0.60 MHZ91.5 HzAnalogue, DMR and P25, 5 Min T/OOnline WebSDR
70cm UHF438.075 MHz-7.0 MHz91.5 HzIRLP + Echolink coming soon!Online WebSDR
*Note Below
70cm UHF439.950 MHz– 5.0 MHz91.5 Hz or NAC 239Analogue & P25, Linked to TG 10400, 3 Min T/OOffline
23cm UHF1273.400 MHz+ 20.0 MHzN/AAnalogueOnline *Note Below
APRS (VK2RAG-1)145.175 MHzN/AN/AAPRSOnline WebSDR
D-Star (VK2RAG- C)146.6375 MHZ– 0.6 MhzN/A3 Min T/O,
Default Reflector: REF001-C between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Monday mornings between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM the system will connect to REF091-C for the Worldwide D-STAR net.
  • Wednesday Evening between 7:30PM and 8:30 PM will connect to REF091-C for weekly AR Newsline Net
  • Sunday Mornings from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM for weekly WIA News bulletin broadcast.
Online WebSDR
D-Star (VK2RAG-B)438.3250 MHz– 5.4 MhzN/A3 Min T/O,
Default Reflector: REF023-C between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Online WebSDR
*Note Below
DMR / D-Star438.8750 Mhz– 7.0 MhzN/AMMDVM linked to Brandmeister DMR, D-Star
3 Min T/O
DMR438.8500 Mhz– 7.0 MhzN/A

ARNSW RadNet in conjunction with VK-DMR network

  • Talk Group 5 (used for Nets on Time Slot 1)
  • Talk Group 8 (Local RadNet Repeaters Time Slot 1)
  • Talk Group 1910 (ARNSW specific group linked to all Radnet DMR repeaters Time Slot 1)
  • Talk Group 505 (Australia Wide Time Slot 2)
  • Talk Group 3802 (New South Wales Time Slot 2)
VK2RTG Located at Kariong, 200M ASL
RepeaterFrequencyOffsetCTCSS ToneSpecial NotesStatus
70CM UHF439.300 Mhz– 5.0 Mhz91.5 HzAnalouge, 3 Min T/OOffline *Note Below
ATV Digital444.25 MhzN/AN/A1250 Mhz InputOnline, Please email ccarc@ccarc.org.au for access

* Please note, The club has made a change to daily repeater operations at VK2RAG, to conserve power coming into the Winter months. 

Between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM EST The only repeater services that will be available is the 2 Meter 146.725 MHz and the 2 Meter 147.125 MHz,  70cm 438.800 MHz WICEN repeaters

For those digitally inclined, the VKDMR repeater in conjunction with ARNSW Radnet available on 438.850 MHz is also not impacted by these changes.

The VK2RTG 70 Centimeter 439.300 UHF repeater is having a timer based system constructed to allow daytime operation