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Changes to amateur radio call

Some news released by the ACMA with regards to call sign allocations. Highly recommended everybody has a read. https://www.acma.gov.au/changes-amateur-radio-call-sign-policy Please follow and like us:

New Callsign Template and FAQ’s

FYI for the folks out there chasing a new callsign inline with current changes. https://www.amc.edu.au/industry/amateur-radio/callsigns/new-callsign-template-and-faqs Please follow and like us:

2020 Trans-Tasman results are in!

4th place.Not BheadGood Soize.We were 5th last year.So… 3rd place next year?!Bring it on 🙂 Congrats to Alan VK2EFM for cracking 1st place in Single Operator, High Power, VK2MG for achieving 3rd place and Max VK2XOR for 7th place in Single Operator QRP. https://www.wia.org.au/members/contests/transtasman/ Please follow and like us:

Trans-Tasman 2020 Contest

2020 sure has been an adventure! Much similar to last year, We intend on opening up the club rooms for a small number of members who may be interested in participating in the contest. The contest is held in 3 x 2 hour blocks from 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM this Saturday 18th July.  The…
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MMDVM builds

Some Club members have been working on MMDVM builds utilising high end N5BOC duplex boards. These boards had recently arrived in Australia and they were very quick to be installed and setup. Please follow and like us:

Clubs Repeater

The Clubs Repeater team has recently performed a hardware upgrade on the Clubs VK2RAG 2M Repeater. The repeater now boasts a more powerful transmit and receive unit which will greatly increase the coverage area. We’d like to thank the crew for all the work involved Please follow and like us:

Pico Tuner

Don’t let the looks of this tea leaf tin fool you. One of our members Max VK2XOR has been busy working on a SOTABEAMS single-band Pico Tuner for 40m. Max provided a size comparison between that and a QRP Guys multi-band EFHW tuner 40-10m. One of the main goals for Max is to be able…
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COVID-19 update

With current NSW restrictions easing, We are excited to announce the clubrooms will be re-opening on the 4th of July from 10:30 AM onwards. On the 4th of July, the club will also be holding a face to face General Business Meeting opening at 13:00. This meeting will be available both within the club’s meeting…
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Amateur radio Subscribe to our newsletters

Are you an amateur radio user? Sign up for our new amateur radio e-bulletin to get updates on a range of amateur radio issues.ACMA supports amateur radio users by providing access to frequency bands. We do this while balancing other demands for spectrum.Consulting with the amateur radio community is also an important part of our…
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Amateur radio Regulatory roles and responsibilities

Our new amateur radio fact sheet helps users understand the different roles and responsibilities within the sector.Our fact sheet provides top tips, information on making an enquiry, and explains the roles of ACMA, the Australian Maritime College and International Telecommunication Union.You can read the fact sheet here: https://www.acma.gov.au/sites/default/files/2020-05/Fact-sheet-Amateur-radio-Regulatory-roles-and-responsibilities.pdf Please follow and like us: