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News 17.02.2019

News 17.02.2019

The Wyong Field Day, organised by the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club, is just one week away, on Sunday 24th February, so as a result this bulletin will concentrate upon the various lectures; “be there, or be square”, as they used to say in the 60s.

It’s the biggest hamfest in the Southern Hemisphere, held at Wyong Racecourse; naturally there will be a free bus service run by the CCARC to and from the station. In the meantime, should anyone have any photographs of the old Field Days then Vice-President Jaye VK2FOMG would love to hear from you.

Speaking of Jaye, our devoted listeners will no doubt be hearing him on the Broadcast, as he has been heard being trained for announcing and engineering.

There will be plenty of new rigs on offer along with various raffles, and also an Outside Broadcast van from a local community station, along with a local communications company,

Regretfully, there will not be any Amateur assessments at the Field Day, due to the sudden change in circumstances.

There will be two lecture streams running at the same time; briefly, they include:

Lecture Room 1:

Australian Touring HF Club by Ray Palmer, along with digital HF.

A talk on Historic Radio “RAVEN” by Ray Robinson VK2NO.

How Science Works by Brian Clarke; do you really know why and how things work?

A talk on Space Weather by Vickal Kumar, and how it affects aviation.

David Rowe will give a talk on FreeDV.

Lecture Room 2:

Lindsay Harvey will be talking about the new MMDVM digital mode, and how easy it is to cross various digital borders.

Cameron McKay will talk about satellite telemetry and Cubesats.

And there will be a Scouts Conference, run by Greg VK2GX.

Further information about the Central Coast Amateur Radio Club including coming events can be found on the web site www.ccarc.org.au.

— Dave VK2KFU, Publicity Officer, Central Coast Amateur Radio Club

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