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Pico Tuner

Pico Tuner

Don’t let the looks of this tea leaf tin fool you.

One of our members Max VK2XOR has been busy working on a SOTABEAMS single-band Pico Tuner for 40m.

Max provided a size comparison between that and a QRP Guys multi-band EFHW tuner 40-10m.

One of the main goals for Max is to be able to throw this station into his pockets and take a walk to a reserve near his QTH and call CQ on his lunch break.

Max uses a Mountain Topper MTR3B with QRP guys Paddle kit all powered by a 9-volt Battery and 20.42m of wire with added counterpoise

Recently, Max tested out the freshly built unit with the wire strung up about 7 meters in the air and obtained contact using 4 watts of power with VK3ADX just over 800km away.

What a great little project that packs a punch!

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