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Hey there! Heads up! As an interm we’ve enabled D-star on our MMDVM based repeater. 438.875mhz with a -7.0mhz offset. Jump on it! http://mmdvm.vk2rag.net

Repeater maintenance adventures at VK2RAG

Earlier this month our repeater team observed some anomalies with the MMDVM based repeater Our team suspected there was something going on with the Arduino powered repeater control module. Lindsay VK2AMV and Brad VK2NMZ took a field trip to the repeater site (and ensured they maintained 200mhz apart). First thing was to check the configuration…
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For a limited time we’ve flicked on D-star capability!

Hi internets! So! We’ve decided to make a sliiigght adjustment to our MMDVM based repeater. Not only can you receive and transmit via DMR on the brandmeister network But! For a limited time we’ve flicked on D-star capability! This does mean the static dmr talk groups are no longer hanging around for the time being.…
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