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What Powers your shack

What Powers your shack

CCARC held another successful show and tell event at our clubhouse last Saturday the 29th of October.

The theme for this month’s event was “What Powers your shack”.

We had all the tables in the clubhouse covered in interesting gear bought in by members.

Equipment ranged from homebrew power supplies, commercial PSUs, Bench Power supplies, and converted server power supplies up to 160 Amps.

Each participant described their gear and fielded lots of interesting questions that helped us all to learn more.

Glen VK2GEM had quite an array of power supplies including interesting accessories for power distribution and monitoring.

Steve showed us a classic series regulated PSU – the VK power mate. I think it was called “power mate” because you needed a powerful mate to help carry it.

Col VK2ZCO gave an interesting mini lecture about converting an ATX computer PSU into a high current power supply. This conversion even featured in Silicon Chip magazine. Of particular interest was Col’s homebrewed air-cooled dummy load for testing power supply performance made from Galvanised wire.

Don had an array of gear both home-brewed and commercial including a bench PSU immaculately crafted from the guts of an old Philips 814 transmitter.

Karen VK2AKB gave a very interesting presentation of a serious power setup using Mains, Batteries and a diesel generator that doubles for both hobby and business use.

Graham VK2GRA gave a quick presentation on his set-up and also how to convert Server power supplies. Theory and use of remote sensing was also covered.

The day rapped up with delicious custard tarts for everybody home made by Karen – Yum and thanks.

Thanks to all who came along and made the day a success.

Glen VK2GEM and Graham VK2GRA

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