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Author: Alan VK2MG


Whoo! It ain’t no drag…. Papas got a brand new ba…SIGN! It’s pretty, it’s shiny, it’s freaking awesome! A MASSIVE shout out to Silverback Kreations for helping us with graphic design and turning a sad sign into a eye catching masterpiece. Justin and team not only re-drew our logo by hand and provided us with…
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operating portable

operating portable can be a great way to test out your radio and antenna setup, here we have some evening operation using an IC-7O5, Tablet and a MP1 Super Antenna. Reports of very strong US stations and several Japan contacts on various digital modes

Central Coast ARC representing and supporting neighbouring clubs.

Central Coast ARC representing and supporting neighbouring clubs. Tonight a small number of club members attended HADARC #vk2ma for an incredibly interesting and insightful talk from Brett Savill on the development and evolution of the telecommunications industry’s. Wow, just wow. Brett Savill is the CEO of Quantify Technology, an ASX-listed smart home automation business. Prior to that,…
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QRPGuys KD1JV CW code trainer build

Following on from the 1940’s straight key refurbishment, it was time to finally build up the small code trainer I have had sitting in my drawer for over 12 months. This little unit is great to practice both sending and receiving CW. The speed is variable from 5 wpm upwards if you can keep up…
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Experimenting with different antenna

Experimenting with different antenna configurations is all a part of being an effective operator. Sure having long wires resonant on every band sitting up incredibly high would be considered the near optimum gold standard. But what if you can’t do that? What if you’re incredibly limited with space available? What if you don’t have a…
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Another day…

Another day…Another park! Today we are seeing VKFF-2005.Tuggerah Nature Reserve. Such MoistMany mozziesWow. Thanks to Brad VK2NMZ for providing a few snaps 😎

Circa 1940 Morse Training Key restoration

Circa 1940 Morse Training Key restoration The original scope of this project was that I was approached by a local Air League Squadron, as some of the cadets had shown an interested in obtaining their morse code badge and overall wanting to have a better understanding of where it originated from. I was thinking of…
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Summit Sunday!

Okay, so it’s not a summit but a VKFF Park!VKFF-1340 to be exact! 40 Meters was a challenge with a large amount of QSB. Brad, VK2NMZ had some great success netting nearly 25 contacts in under an hour, including a ZL booming across the water and some bonus park to parks. Just as Brad was…
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Fox Hunts Fox Hunts Fox Hunts!

We are a go for some 2 Meter ARDF on Saturday the 30th April. The teams have 3 hunts planned at this present point in time with some juicy prizes in tow. 1x Single transmitter pedestrian1x Short mobile hunt1x Long mobile but. The good news!: The Crew are looking into the feasibility of running a…
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John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2022

John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2022 – did you enter? Were you operating home or portable? Here we have Brad VK2NMZ and Luke VK2HMI operating a portable station from VKFF-0550 at Crackneck Lookout. It was great time operating and comparing the performance characteristics of different antenna configurations and getting a few contacts in of course!…
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