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NEWS 07.08.2022

Central Coast Amateur Radio Club News The club rooms at Kariong are open every Saturday. Members are reminded that Annual Membership is now due.Yesterday the club held its monthly general meeting at the cafe at Mount Penang Gardens. The day started with a multi-transmitter fox hunt, followed by lunch, the meeting and some portable HF…
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NEWS 31.07.2022

Central Coast Amateur Radio Club NewsThe club rooms at Kariong are open every Saturday. Members are reminded that Annual Membership is now due.Depending on the weather, the next General Meeting will be held at 1pm on Saturday, August 6 at the cafe at Mount Penang Gardens. The day will start with a multi-transmitter fox hunt…
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NEWS 08.05.2022

Central Coast Amateur Radio Club NewsThank you to everyone who attended Mayham last weekend. Please visit “tiny.cc/ccarc” on the web and fill in a survey to let us know how we did.At the VK2RAG Somersby repeater site, the D-Star, Rad-Net DMR and 2m Echolink services are fullyfunctional. Brand Meister DMR and 70cm Echolink and IRLP…
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NEWS 30.04.2022

Mayham is Tomorrow! Fox hunts and the meet and greet happened today.Pre-sales at the Rose St gate start at 8am and gates open at 8:30. Remember that if you pre-purchase yourentry online, you get to skip the queues.For the raffle terms and conditions and much more information on Mayham, including how to pre-pay entry to…
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Fox Hunt update

I know I know… We’ve covered off Fox Hunts a few times but some information for the day to allow you to prepare including the frequencies! General rules of the game: 1) Do not be a fool. 2) Members of the CentralCoast Amateur Radio Club (CCARC) will be delegates for the event. 3) Please ensure…
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NEWS 24.04.2022

Mayham is next Sunday! Along with a great range of traders, exhibitors, lectures, car boot sales and examinations for both Australian and US Qualifications; there will also be fox hunts and a Meet & Greet on the Saturday.An MMDVM hotspot will also be on offer as first prize in the fox hunt, which is now…
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So, about these fox hunts?!

So, about these fox hunts?! You know how we spoke about a single transmitter hunt? Yeah… Well that’s not gonna happen anymore. What’s better than a single transmitter pedestrian hunt? No, it’s not a shrubbery. (I do like the laurels particularly) It’s a multi transmitter hunt! We have not one.. but wait there’s more! Four…
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NEWS 27.03.2022

Mayham is nearly upon us; on the 1st of May. Examinations will be held for both Australian and USQualifications. This years raffle as some great prizes. While there will be tickets available at the event, all online tickets have already been snapped up. • First place prize is a Yaesu FTDX10 • Second place prize…
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Fox Hunts Fox Hunts Fox Hunts!

We are a go for some 2 Meter ARDF on Saturday the 30th April. The teams have 3 hunts planned at this present point in time with some juicy prizes in tow. 1x Single transmitter pedestrian1x Short mobile hunt1x Long mobile but. The good news!: The Crew are looking into the feasibility of running a…
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News 06.06.2021

On behalf of all the CCARC Mayham committee we would like to say thank you to all those that attended the day. The 3 fox hunts were a hit with the final Fox located within the Ourimbah State Forest taking almost 2 hours to locate. Congratulations to Gerard VK2IO for taking out first prize closely…
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