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So, about these fox hunts?!

So, about these fox hunts?!

So, about these fox hunts?!

You know how we spoke about a single transmitter hunt?

Yeah… Well that’s not gonna happen anymore.

What’s better than a single transmitter pedestrian hunt?

No, it’s not a shrubbery. (I do like the laurels particularly)

It’s a multi transmitter hunt!

We have not one.. but wait there’s more!

Four transmitters!

Are we mad? Probably.

It was something that our teams had considered for a while now but the outcome of it this year ultimately sat on whether the additional units would arrive in time or not.

We hope you’ve got your walking shoes on.


30th of April, the Mayham 2022 pedestrian fox hunt will now be a four transmitter fox hunt.

A reminder of the 3 bumper prizes we have up for grabs:

1st Prize winner will receive Deluxe hotspot kit and Clear acrylic case courtesy of VK Direct and VK4NGA Amateur Radio to the value of $200

2nd Prize winner will receive $100 Westfield gift card

3rd Prize winner will receive a $50 Westfield gift card.

Winners will be based on the fastest time completing the hunts and the lowest distance driven.
Odometer readings will be taken before and after the end of the final mobile hunt.
CCARC Mayham officials’ decision is final.

For more information about Mayham, check out the website at www.mayham.org.au


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