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ISSUE No 16-10 20th May 2016

In this Issue:

  1. ACMA shutdowns licencing
  2. US Technician Class Licence – reciprocal arrangements
  3. HamBay upgraded to Auction site
  4. An Australian built satellite project
  5. Review and audio samples of the Icom IC-7300
  6. Broke & fixed
  7. Reminders

1. ACMA shutdowns licencing


The WIA Exam Service has been told by the ACMA that all processing of licence matters will stop for two weeks, while work is carried out on its new SPECTRA computerised processing system. The ACMA said that the project to implement SPECTRA is now in its final phase, as it transitions broadcast licensing from the old RADCOM system.

The shutdown will involve all licencing from 12pm, 20 May to 31 May. During the shutdown the ACMA will upgrade the facility including new features as it migrates licence records into SPECTRA.


Author : Jim Linton – VK3PC

Source:  WIA News



2. US Technician Class Licence – reciprocal arrangements


The ACMA is seeking comments about the reciprocal arrangements for the US Technician Class Licence. The knowledge requirements for the US Technician Class Licence have changed over the years, and is now considered to relate more closely to the Australian Foundation Licence.

You can enter your comments directly into the ACMA webpage at the following Link

The WIA made a submission to the ACMA on the subject previously. If you send comments to the ACMA, the WIA would also like to receive your comments, too. Use the ‘Contact the WIA’ website form to send us a copy, here: Link


Author : Phil Wait – VK2ASD

Source:  WIA News



3. HamBay upgraded to Auction site


I would like to inform hams world wide that the Amateur Radio Classifieds site called HamBay, has now been upgraded to an online Auction totally dedicated to Amateur Radio.

HamBay is at least 75% cheaper to sell on than our leading competitor.

Please visit www.HamBay.UK and sell your surplus equipment at prices that make it viable.

We have upgraded after listening to the feedback from our users, it is FREE to join & list, all payments are via PayPal.


Adrian, 2E0SDR

Source:  Southgate AR News



4. An Australian built satellite project


In many countries the challenge of space exploration continues, and here in West Australia is what could be the start of a new satellite project.
This can have a place in the era of innovation and the emerging STEM activities at schools.

The OzQube-1 project is a tiny PocketQube satellite that is being built in a back shed, and has been on ABC radio and television, even its own website and Facebook page.

Building OzQube-1 is a challenge for its builder, Stewart McAndrew, but preparing for a low earth orbit by piggy-backing with others on a space launch costs money.

In his childhood he had an interest in finding out how things worked, built electronics kits, studied aviation and settled into a career in Information Technology.

To make the OzQube-1 dream closer to reality, crowdfunding through a GoFundMe campaign is underway.
More details on OzQube-1 project are via the URLs below

SatMag article:

Phys.Org article:

OzQube-1 blogspot: ozqube-1


Jim Linton VK3PC

Source:  Southgate AR News



5. Review and audio samples of the Icom IC-7300


We’ve reviewed a number of transceivers and dozens of receivers on theSWLing Post, but rarely have we been so eager to check out a new offering from Icom.

You see, the IC-7300 is Icom’s first venture into the world of direct RF sampling. We were eager to put this new transceiver to the test and see if the receiver lived up to its predecessor, the IC-7200. Additionally, we took a close look at the overall ergonomics and the utility of the
IC-7300’s color touch display.

In a nutshell? We were pretty impressed.

Read the full review and listen to comparison audio samples of the
IC-7300 by following this link:


Source:  Southgate AR News




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