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Morse Key

Morse Key

WW2 surplus Bakelite base mounted on round metal base.

It has a large heavy metal base which is a sort of chrome finish.  The ID on the base is Key WT,  8 amp,  No.2.

There are 3 bridges on the key ,very squareish .  Both the end bridges have platinum contacts as it says in the description above is capable of running 8 amps.  The rear bridge contact is Normally open , the middle bridge is part of the armature and axle and has a flexible

Lead to the bridge, also adjustment for spring tension.  The front bridge has an adjustable contact and is normally closed.   The bridges all

have screw terminal to connect leads to.

These Keys were widely used in any equipment that needed a Key and many different style in many different countries  during the WW2..

A large phenolic collar is fitted under the knob.  It is very comfortable to use.  It can be used by simply flexing your wrist.

Black Plastic Hi-Mound HK-708 Key Made in Tokyo Japan circa 1970?

This was my first on air key that I owned.  I purchased it from Dick Smith Electronics in North Parramatta. I used this key to practice for

my 5 WPM exam for the Novice exam.   I first went on air with this key after passing the morse test.   First attempt ,crashed and burned

and only tried late at night as I froze on the first attempt.   This key has lead with a Mono 3.5mm plug and used an adapter to 6.5mm.

You should check your radio manual to see what type of connection you need to use on the particular Radio before connecting.

The Green Very Military looking key part of the Larkspur equipment range Circa Korean War and was part of my C42 Transceiver

Package I owned and sold before moving to the Central Coast.   It was an all valve radio and had unique build.   All stages were built

on a local frame and when you pulled the radio out of the cast alloy box with it sitting sit it on it’s face undo 4 screws and the chassis opened up like a wing on either side of the control panel.most wires entering the modules were soldered.  My radio had been in the radio workshops

where faults were placed in the radio and technicians had to trouble shoot the faults.    The C42 worked from 32 Mhz to 60 Mhz FM .

This key was integral to the Vehicle set up.  It has 2 large 6 pin connectors on each side of the key where the intercom between operators

connected through and the key was automatically operating in the system. 

This Key has stamped in the top face of the key and painted white infill of the characters. The Key Model is Kmk2   With Tension and gap beside the screw adjustments..  There is another number 5820-99-949-1174. and also painted on the surface is RAC/HV.   on the rear face are 2 x binding posts which have sharp spikes facing upwards to allow a portable operation by piercing the insulation of the cable to make contact with the wires.  It has Tension and Gap adjusting screws on top , with a rubber seal and bakelite knob.  I purchased the this key at Mayham 2022, for $70.00.

This key is all black and came mounted on  a black hammertone painted plate with two spring loaded post holes probably from an aircraft fitting.

I removed the key as the all black appealed to me for a shack key and I mounted it on a timber switch block.  It also has a collar which is good for anti – fatigue.  The key has a nice light feel and is easy to use.  I have not touched the adjustments and it looks like it has never been used.

This one came in a cardboard box.  The label says it is

M142 Serial No. LX272 Made in USA by Weinschel 05/12/2000.

It has a shapped  spring type fit over ones leg above the knee and is marked KY-116/U.   The key is labelled J-37 R and is mounted on a hinged plate and folds inside the leg clamp for storage.

The Armature, leaf spring, connecting bar to the front contact terminals,and all adjustment screws are of a chrome finish. The rubber connecting cable has a 6.5 mm Mono plug and is labelled CD-201A.

There is a storage holder for the plug and the mono plug is labelled Kings RJ-055B.

Not Sure where I bought this one but probably Dural and a not to be missed opportunity. 

This key can be used with a modern radio which has an electronic keyer.

it has 2 vertical paddles , left for dits and right for Dahs and can be interchanged.  Generally the electric keyer has adjustments for speed and spacing.   The Bencher has a 100mm x 100 mm chrome finish base late  and is stable on a desk top.it has Gap adjustments and Spring tension adjustment.  It is connected with a 6.5mm strereo plug.


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