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Kenwood power/SWR meter Model SW-200

Kenwood power/SWR meter Model SW-200

This meter has facilities to connect up to 3 remote mounted sensor elements and plug into 5 pin DIN connectors on the rear.  The Module I have is an SWC-2 with a frequency range of 140 – 450 Mhz.   It can be used without 12 volts connected and this limits the device to reading average power levels .  There are 2 meters in the one perspex cover.  The left meter is for SWR and you can also read the reflected power level.   Power switching 10 Watts to 100 Watts reflected and 20 watts and 200 watts forward Power.

When these units were produced the used the centre pin for the negative connection and the case became positive.  This was a problem for me as most other equipment is wired the other way.   I looked into changing this but it would become a complete re-build.  I decided it was easier to not use the PEP function.   Still a useful meter for older rigs.   Newer Rigs have these functions built in.


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